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Modern Murder - Due Detective A Dresda S01e11-12

4) 2017 "Eye For An Eye" Dresden detectives Karin Gorniak and Henni Sieland are investigating the murder of Heiko Gebhardt, branch manager of a large insurance firm, where claims are rigorously handled according to the motto "Challenge. Dispute. Block". Gebhardt was not only deeply unpopular with his employees but also with the disappointed insurance clients. Former colleague Martina Scheuring, a lawyer, now represents these people who have suffered twice and is helping them to fight for their rights with all means available to her. The investigation leads the detectives into the world of insurance, where using great pressure and dubious methods, profit is pursued above all else.

Modern Murder - Due detective a Dresda s01e11-12

7) 2019 "The Nest" Dresden detective Karin Gorniak is severely injured and hospitalized when her new colleague Leonie Winkler makes a critical error during a dangerous deployment. The murderer they were after manages to escape. Winkler must take over the case in her absence. Gorniak is soon released from hospital, but she is the only one to have seen the perpetrator and can identify him. Her life is in danger as long as the killer walks free.

8) 2019 "Nemisis" The murder of a famous Dresden restaurateur leads detectives Gorniak and Hennrichs into the murky world of organized crime, but could the real killer be closer to home and in a much darker place? 041b061a72


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