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Yet, as the crack cocaine epidemic entered its third phase, the federal government shifted from punitive to prevention-oriented approaches. While still professing to be tough on crime, federal officials became more motivated by rehabilitation of drug offenders and by improving the welfare of communities affected by their crimes than by punishing drug traffickers and drug users. Washington state's drug-control strategy mirrored the federal outlook. In 1986 the state legislature responded to the federal infusion of funds with a comprehensive anti-drug package that emphasized rehabilitation over punishment for drug offenders. [26] The approach reflected the underlying assumption of many on the state and federal government that crack's downsides were outweighed by its promise as a social good. A decade later, the state of Washington also adopted major changes in criminal sentencing laws, in part to address what was then called the nation's crack cocaine epidemic. [27] But Washington's innovative legislative effort to reform its sentencing laws was short-lived. [28] The state legislature, now dominated by Republicans, rejected the Washington Sentencing Guidelines, which had gone into effect in April 1991. [29] The legislature also rejected a bill to replace the guidelines with a system that favored graduated penalties to match offenders' crimes with their sentencing needs. [30] Republicans, after all, favored a system that favored more sentences of any kind for crime. Rather than altering Washington's sentencing laws, however, the legislature became embroiled in a heated debate over the decade-old problem of mandatory sentencing, a debate which continued until the legislature ultimately voted to abolish mandatory sentences for most drug-related offenses. [31]

Whitetown Xls To Dbf Crack


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