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Where To Buy Duraceramic Tile

Rigid Core Flooring encompasses the latest digital imaging technology to create flooring that mimics the beautiful look and feel of wood and stone tile floors but with the added benefits of being 100% waterproof, impervious to dents, scratch-resistant, longer-wearing, more durable and easy enough to install as a DIY project.

where to buy duraceramic tile

The next day, nine weeks after initially contacting the salesman, he called and gave me their verdict: claim denied. If I wanted the floor fixed I would have to pay for it myself at an estimated cost of $200 for a box of tiles and installation.

Update after service man replaced two tiles for me. I asked him if this has been a problem for other people and he told me he has been seeing this more often and just having to replace 14 tiles 2-3 weeks ago.

DuraCeramic tile was initially supposed to a costlier tile to install, but over time, its prices have dropped and it has become an affordable flooring option for the people who do not want to spend much on the flooring.

Congoleum has been a leader in the flooring industry for more than 120 years and continues to be a driving force in innovative product research and development, and styling and design leadership. Congoleum residential and commercial resilient sheet, plank and vinyl tile products along with DuraStone and DuraCeramic tiles are engineered utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing equipment.

A big downside of traditional stone, ceramic and porcelain is how cold and hard the tiles are. Alterna was designed to capture the natural beauty of these classic looks, while retaining warmth, absorbing sound and feeling more forgiving to your feet.

Currently, I have vinyl sheeting in my kitchen and laundry room. We are doing a remodel and want to change the flooring. I generally like the vinyl that we have - it's easy on your feet, easy to maintain, and durable. I've read about the vinyl tile Duraceramic and I'm very interested in it. But, the saleslady at the flooring store practically laughed at me for wanting vinyl. I ended up with some ceramic tile samples, but I'm not totally convinced that this is what I want.

We had DuraCeramic flooring put in our kitchen, bathroom, fronthall and down the stairs to the basement. The flooring has been a nightmare since it was put in. In order to clean it you are on your hands and knees with a scrub brush. I have a hip problem and cleaning the floor will put me in bed for days. The durability is not there..gouging, chipped corners, scratches and the grout is cracking all over the place. We were told that the flooring was a good alternative to ceramic tile. It came highly recommended by the flooring company. Not so for us. We are a middle aged couple with two dogs. We are afraid to drop anything, walk with our shoes on, or let the dogs in the kitchen, we have four bar stools that have felt on the bottom, but please don't pull those across the floor. The whole floor has to be replaced and it isn't 2 yrs old. It cost us over $5000.00 to have it installed. We could have had a good quality ceramic, or wood floors installed for that. We are very disappointed and feel this product is just not worth spending that kind of money.

shonshon1b- i was just at a flooring store today. cork is the only material the manager said he would put rightover the vinyl floor. have you seen duraceramic installed? i originally wanted it but, in addition to not liking the choice of sizes, the two installations i've seen recently did not look like real tile to me. i would rank the look of the good sheet vinyls above it. jmo.

I have had duraceramic for 2 years in my kitchen. I have 2 teenagers and 2 german shepards.It still looks as good as the day it was installed. I love it and we are going to put it in our gameroom.It is not as cold as regular ceramic and is easy to clean. We did it without grout and the installer put a seam sealer on it.

I have Duraceramic that was just installed in new additions that span a new entry way to the old house area, to a new kitchen and old laundry room. The floors are apparently varying degrees of level in the old spaces and the thresholds to the new spaces are marked by a noticeable bump. I just read the specs for how level the floor must be and am shocked! Our floor is no where need what is required. We are considering firing our current contractor and having it re-installed by by another contractor.

After relying on these boards for help, thought I'd post. Just had Congoleum Duraceramic installed without grout and it's super. Front hall, laundry, bathroom, foyer, kitchen. Mops up easily. Looks like regular tile and the sealer protects the edges. The retailer had it for their lunchroom floor. The installer, 14 yrs experience, has installed a lot of it. He says the surface is very tough and he thinks it's a very good product. When replacing a tile, he must use his best blades to cut into it. Had considered Mannington tile but the designer pointed out how Duraceramic's bevelled edge is more forgiving of slightly uneven surfaces (no floor is perfect) and looks more like ceramic. During hardwood installation right after, the hardwood guys cut a tile on the edge while whittling some overhanging underfloor so we needed the tile replaced. It was pretty easy to do. If that had been vinyl, we'd been patching a brand new floor (or getting them to replace it). Much less hassle! Use paint stripper heater to heat up the tile properly.Re installation - very important to rotate the tiles to vary the design, also don't drag your appliances across them - use plywood or dolly. The new look took 10 yrs off our house. Am hoping the slightly uneven surface will not collect the dirt so we'll see. Will post again in a year with an update. Thx all for your posts.

1)Installed in kitchen back in early 2007. Have had to replace TWO tiles because of slices!! 1 was from a sheba cat food falling down, and left a small but noticable cut. Second cut may have been from scissors falling and leaving a cut!! Both repaired free of charge

2) Had both bathroom installed about 1 month ago! Installed didnt completely level floor, THUS in 1 spot (fitst tile u step on) it has indented!! Plus we have another cut on another tile, not sure from what!!! Both will be fixed FREE in the NEw Years!

3) easy to clean?? Well not mine. The top is very textured,so lots of little grooves!! And when I clean my floor, I clean on my hands and knees!! No mop for me! And I have to really work at it to clean!! Is it impossible to clean? no. But just not as easy as linoleum or hard wood or porcelin tile (in my opinion)

We had duraceramic installed in Aug.07. It's beautiful, warmer than ceramic ( which we have in a hall and foyer), and gentler for standing than ceramic. I dropped scissors on it and it did leave a hole. Cleaning is hardly easy. Initially after installation is was very difficult to get the grouting material off the tiles that didn't come off with the scaper wehn installing. This floor requires hands and knees scrubbing and all those little grooves accumulate dirt easily. We don't wear shoes in the house and have no pets or children living at home. I wouldn't recommend duraceramic unless one is up for aggressive cleaning. If anyone has suggestions for cleaning , I'm all ears!

We wanted ceramic tile in our kitchen and bathrooms but the floors were too unstable. ServiceMaster (fixing water damage) suggested DuraCeramic. After reading these postings I'm a little hesitant, but I love the look. Comments/suggestions?

I just looked at Duraceramic tile today and was very enthusiastic about it after hearing the salesman's pitch. Now I'm having doubts about it after reading this discussion. I guess I'll stick with ceramic tile even thought it's colder and will likely break any glassware dropped on it. Better to lose a glass now and then instead of damaging the floor. We plan to use it in many areas and I'm too old to put that much effort into cleaning the floor.

I am new to remodeling and have installed the duraceramic with grout in a bathroom. I found it very easy to install, I used my wet saw to cut it and that worked great! I also have recently used my wet saw to cut hardibacker I am useing for tiling, a couple of uses for a wet saw nobody in my area has seemed to be familiar with. I installed the duraceramic just over a yr ago, and it is still in perfect shape. I have pictures on myspace at the pictures for the duraceramic are under the "flooring" album, feel free to check out my other projects and leave comments.

Well it took 6 months and 2 inspections but we finally got Congoleum to pay to get this garbage out of our house and we replaced it with real ceramic tile. We almost had to sue the company we bought it from because they (of course) swear it's the "next best thing". It ripped and chipped so easily and it was a NIGHTMARE to clean!!!!

After reading these posts, I decided to test my samples of Duraceramic by dropping a pair of scissors on them from about 3 ft. Sure enough, it DID make a hole in 2 of them! I will not be using this product. Adura (vinyl tile made by Mannington) did stand up to the dropped scissor test, however.

I guess I'm in the opposite camp than most of you. I researched for a new floor for 6 months - finally decided on porcelain tile for it's durability and maintainability. It has been less than a month, and I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with the floor. At least 12 tiles are chipped on the edges, the floor is harder than I ever imagined it would be (might as well be a basement floor), because the cement sub-floor raised my floor it essentially 'lowered' my countertops, and now I have done something darn near permanent that will be a horrible mess to get out. Wish I'd gone with the Dura-Ceramic. I would have spent less and it would be easier to replace.I guess what I've come to realize is that no floor is perfect. Go cheaper and replace sooner, I say. If you go with tile, be 100% certain you want it and that you won't want to replace it. 041b061a72


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