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The Rare BirdGlitch : Season 2 Episode 1

Glitch Techs is produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio in the United States,[2] with animation services provided by Top Draw Animation and assistance from Flying Bark Productions in Australia. The series was announced on May 25, 2016.[3] Nickelodeon originally ordered a 20 episode first season, with an extra ten episodes greenlit after. However on January 12, 2019, it was reported that production on the series was stalled and crew members were being laid off. However, Robles later said that Glitch Techs had not been cancelled.[4]

The Rare BirdGlitch : Season 2 Episode 1

In early 2020, it was confirmed that the series had moved to Netflix, and the first half of the 20 produced episodes would premiere on February 21, 2020 as its first season.[5][6][7][8] On July 22, 2020, it was announced that season 2 would be released on August 17.[9][10]

This is the recap page for Glitch Techs, an action/adventure Nicktoon produced for Netflix about teenagers who fight video game monsters. As a quick aside, while Netflix divides the episodes below into Seasons 1 and 2, the series was originally produced as a single season of twenty episodes before the decision was made to channel hop from Nickelodeon to Netflix.

  • Season 1 "Age of Hinobi" - Two teenagers, Hector "Five" Nieves and Miko Kubota, find themselves embroiled in the world of glitches after their recent win at a citywide gaming tournament is erased from public memory.note Double-length episode

  • "Tutorial Mode" - Miko and Five accidentally release a glitch from a gross-out fighting game when attempting to skip out on rookie training. Meanwhile, Phil must deal with a safety inspector from Hinboi headquarters.

  • "Going, Going, Gauntlet!" - On their first official day on the job, Miko and Five are forced to give chase to a peculiar bird glitch that steals her gauntlet.

  • "Smashozaurs" - A gaming session is ruined when an ultra-rare glitch possesses Five's old childhood friend, turning him into a video game character and forcing Five to hunt for a solution while Miko keeps Mitch at bay.

  • "Castle Crawl" - After the other Glitch Tech teams go missing in a house that has been taken over by an environmental glitch, Miko and Five are sent after them and must beat a Castlevania expy in order to save them.

  • "Alpha Leader" - When Mitch becomes sick after a mission, Five must take his place and lead both Miko and a duo of veteran Glitch Techs in a battle against four glitches from a multiplayer game.

  • "Collection Quest" - Five tags along with Bergy on one of his achievement quests in order to gain enough experience points to buy some shoes. Meanwhile, Miko is forced to bond with her older sister Nica.

  • "Adventures in Pet Training" - When Miko's pet glitch Ally becomes sick, the duo enters a pet training simulator to discover the cause. At the same time, Five is forced to undertake a similar mission.

  • "Karate Trainer" - Miko must help her younger sister Lexi prepare for a karate tournament after the latter threatens to show evidence of her older sister's various Glitch Tech escapades.



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