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Tamil Shwet - White Rainbow Fixed Free Download

The term rainbow tables was first used in Oechslin's initial paper. The term refers to the way different reduction functions are used to increase the success rate of the attack. The original method by Hellman uses many small tables with a different reduction function each. Rainbow tables are much bigger and use a different reduction function in each column. When colors are used to represent the reduction functions, a rainbow appears in the rainbow table. Figure 2 of Oechslin's paper contains a black-and-white graphic that illustrates how these sections are related. For his presentation at the Crypto 2003 conference, Oechslin added color to the graphic in order to make the rainbow association more clear. The enhanced graphic that was presented at the conference is shown to the right.

tamil Shwet - White Rainbow free download

4. Do "Color the Circles" activity Before class, prepare 7 large sheets of white paper (or if you are teaching less colors that day, enough sheets of paper for the colors you are teaching). On each sheet draw a large circle which fills up the sheet (or download and print our wall circle sheet). Then stick the sheets on the walls of the classroom, at a height your students can reach. At this point of your lesson, take out your colored pencils/crayons and demonstrate the activity. Walk around the class and color a small part of each circle with one color (always say the color as you are coloring). So there will be one circle with some red color in it, one with yellow, and so on. Next, tell your students to take out their colored pencils/crayons. Have them walk around the classroom, coloring in a bit of each circle with the same colors you used. Make sure they say the color as they do each coloring.


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