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Where To Buy Armbands

Join us on Opening Day, September 15 or Thursday, September 22 for Thrifty Thursdays. Outside gate admission is discounted to $5 for everyone and armbands* can be purchased on-site for just $25!

where to buy armbands

As part of my research, I assembled a diverse panel of testers, tapped into the expertise of several Wirecutter staff members who have used running armbands over the years, and spoke with running experts and physical therapists Brendan Martin, DPT, and Alice Holland, DPT.

For years, I was a devoted user of armbands and a skeptic of running waist belts. I was sure belts would bounce and flap uncomfortably on my midsection and make me look like a fanny-pack-wearing dork. But once I finally caved in to the pro-belt entreaties of my wife (a longtime marathoner and triathlete), I immediately recognized running belts as superior to armbands.

A waist belt is often more comfortable and less noticeable than an armband. Its weight is evenly distributed and not strapped uncomfortably onto a single, swinging appendage. And a waist belt lets you bring far more stuff than most armbands can hold.

Once I had whittled the field to a group of six finalists, I wore each of the most promising armbands on a few longer runs and took pains to test as many conditions as possible. (For example, I wore each of these armbands on my bare arm, over a thin T-shirt, and over a bulkier sweatshirt to assess whether they remained secure on my arm in all clothing scenarios.)

Lastly, I seized the opportunity of running the New York City Half Marathon to spy (hopefully not creepily) on the accessory choices of thousands of runners. Many participants (including me) used belts, and a few used backpacks. But armbands were very popular too: I scoped at least 100 runners wearing armbands that day, and I made some mental notes about the popularity of various styles and brands.

Although the Tune Belt is more water resistant than most of the armbands we tested, the iPhone-access slot at the top of the pouch and the small home-button hole in the plastic screen both might let water trickle in if you get caught in a rainstorm.

Tribe makes a lot of armbands. Our budget pick is the standard-size, original Tribe Comrade, which is made largely of neoprene and Lycra, comes in three sizes (to fit various iPhones), and offers more than a half dozen colors (including pink, blue, purple, and black). Tribe also has a Premium series made entirely of Lycra, but we prefer the standard version; among other things, the Premium armband is much wider, and we found it less comfortable than the thinner standard armband.

We assessed two other open-face armbands very similar to the old TuneBand: the Belkin Fitness Armband (the only running armband Apple sells directly) and the Supcase Armband. With both models, our phone bounced around more than with the TuneBand during our runs, and the materials felt flimsier than those of the TuneBand.

The Amphipod Armpod Smartview Sumo and Armpocket Mega i-40 armbands share design similarities with the Tune Belt (our pick) but are substantially larger. All that extra fabric and material felt heavy. Both models boast plenty of extra storage space, but our testers found them too big and bulky compared with slimmer competitors.

The LifeProof Armband With QuickMount is well made and easy to click into if you already have a LifeProof case for your iPhone. But setting up the QuickMount adapter on a non-LifeProof case is a time-consuming pain; among other things, you have to carefully measure and place an adhesive on your existing case and let it set for 24 hours before use. If you want mount-it-anywhere versatility, the Quad Lock system is easier to use.

Rides: The midway will be open from 4-11 p.m. Wednesday, which will be One Ticket Discount Day. All rides will cost one less ticket than regular admission. Rides require anywhere from two to five tickets. Individual tickets are $1 apiece. A group of 30 tickets is $25. The price for 50 tickets is $40.

Political Leader Armbands - Rarely seen in the originals, our armbands are hand-embroidered with black swastikas on ribbed, white rayon, with gold bullion oak leaves on high quality red wool. The Gauleiter features dark red piping with a single row of oak leaves, while the Reichsleiter is golden yellow piped with a double row of oak leaves. Introduced in 1938-39 for the NSDAP and worn on the upper left arm with the oak leaves pointing up.

As a fitness enthusiast, every part of your workout routine has to keep you going, from the pre-workout you drink to the phone armband you use to hear your favorite playlist or podcast. Some companies market their phone armbands to promise complete stability at all points of exercise, but they often come up short, which can ruin the immersion of your workout and delay progress. That's where we can help. Whether you're looking for Android or iPhone armbands for running or powerlifting in the gym, Armpocket has you covered. We're confident that our own high-quality workout armbands are the best for your smartphone.

From iPhone running bands to armbands for Galaxy phones, our environmentally-friendly products are made from comfortable bamboo mesh. Each phone arm strap is dry-fitted to keep your arm free from annoying and uncomfortable rashes. Plus, while this item is designed to be the ultimate cell phone holder for running, it can also safely hold your ID, keys and cash with its secure compartments. You can order a running phone holder to fit the following brands:

At Armpocket, our goal is to produce the most lightweight and durable phone armband products. Although quality is our highest priority, we strive to follow our Eco Mission to achieve such a high standard while only using eco-friendly materials. Not only does this allow us and our customers to contribute toward the positive growth of our Earth, but we also use the most rugged materials to produce workout armbands for phones. Browse our selection to purchase your next phone armband. Or, check out our blog or contact us with questions to learn more about our products.

These imposing serpentine armbands represent two tritons, male and female, each holding a small winged Eros. The hoops behind the tritons' heads were used to attach the armbands to the sleeves of a garment, for otherwise, their weight (each over 6 1/2 ounces) would have caused them to slip down the arms.

In our search for the best phone armband, we meticulously researched over 30 models and chose 7 of the most popular and top-performing bands for side-by-side analysis. Our fitness-obsessed testers evaluated each armband while running and performing various exercises, considering important aspects like comfort, ease of use, and stability. We've identified which models are the most comfortable and the best value, as well as which armbands can accommodate multiple devices of different sizes. Whether you want to run around the block or are running a marathon, we've found the best armbands to help you stay connected and keep the tunes going while you're on the move.

The LifeProof LifeActiv Armband Quickmount sets itself apart from the rest as the most versatile and functional armband we tested. Removing the phone is quick and easy, so reviewing a map or changing the playlist can be done without interrupting your run. Some armbands come with a rotating mount, but those still require neck-craning and arm-twisting maneuvers to use your phone. The LifeActiv allows you to detach the phone one-handed just by flipping a lever and giving the phone a twist, and magnets guide the phone into place for quick and easy reattachment. It only took a few quick tries to get the hang of detaching and re-attaching, all while keeping our focus on the road ahead.

This review comes to you from lifelong runners Matt Bento and Hannah Hall. Both are seasoned gear testers who are very critical of their equipment. From backcountry slogs to urban marathons, these two have enough miles under their feet to know how much a comfortable armband can enhance a run. Matt likes to curate long playlists to stay focused as the miles go by, while Hannah likes to adjust the music on her phone mid-run, blasting the right tunes to charge the next hill, or check her GPS app to monitor her progress. Their diverse preferences and needs provide for a complete and comprehensive assessment of the top cell phone armbands.

We did the majority of the testing by strapping these armbands on and hitting the local trails and neighborhood streets. We also wore the armbands while performing various exercises like pushups, pullups, and burpees. We paid special attention to how comfortable each model felt on our arms, how easy it is to view our phone's screen and use apps while the armband is strapped on, and how much movement or wiggle we felt while we ran. We conducted our tests with three different phones of varying sizes.

We identified four key metrics to evaluate armbands. Comfort was first and foremost. Although comfort can be somewhat subjective, the Tune Belt Sport is an easy favorite. Ease of use also greatly affected our choice of armbands, with the LifeActiv coming up on top due to how easy it is to attach and remove our phones while the band is strapped to our arms. We took versatility into account, specifically asking, "can this armband fit a variety of phone sizes?" Finally, we looked at stability, paying close attention to the movement of our devices and whether or not the armbands shifted on our arms.

Although you can keep your phone in a pocket, fanny pack, or backpack, an armband will give you the most access to your device with the least interference to your workout. Most athletic wear has small pockets (or none at all), and the feeling of a phone jostling around while you move can be distracting or downright uncomfortable. Anyone running longer distances with a small backpack will need to stop their activity and remove the pack to operate their phones. If your earbuds aren't wireless, you'll need to run the cord down your shirt or out of half-opened zippers to connect to your device. Many armbands also include a clip or velcro tab to manage the slack in your headphone cord. All these small conveniences add up to a lot of what will improve your running or workout experience. 041b061a72


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