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Armedia Plugin for Sketchup: Features, Benefits, and Installation Steps

This article will show you how to use the Armedia Plugin to create a SketchUp digital model, from a contoured site survey in 3D. The free terrain plugin will be used to grade and create the model, and then we will use a few additional tools to supplement the plugins gradeable nature.

Armedia Plugin Crack Sketchup

The process begins with a site survey that yields contours for example by using the site survey tool and the contour rendering plugin for SketchUp in SketchUp Pro. To import the contours into a SketchUp project, export the contours as a SketchUp project. The plugin will create the terrain for you. The terrain is graded into terrains in our model with an appearance similar to contour maps. Import the terrain into SketchUp by dragging the terrain into the scene or by exporting the terrain as a.skp file. Either method will import the terrain into SketchUp.

The Armedia Plugin helps us to edit the terrain by modifying and grading the terrain as we create the model. The parameters to change grade or materials can be edited or selected by dragging them onto the terrain or onto a material selected in the properties view, or by clicking on them.

If we return to the first step, we can import the height data into SketchUp and use it to create the SketchUp model for the site, instead of using contours that may not accurately reflect the building or steepness of the terrain. Of course, contours do make great reference points for creating the model.

If youre a professional, you are probably working with high end survey data and tools. Surveys can be pretty noisy and complex, which is why Simplify Contours is a very useful tool. The same data can be extremely useful for the home user. If you are an outdoor (or nature) photographer, you might be working with very complex photos and scans that show your lovely surroundings. These are also data that can benefit from being simplified for SketchUp. In this tutorial, we will use a Nikon camera and survey software to show you how to process the data that youve gathered to create a model. We will then export that model into a SketchUp scene and use it to create a building design that is both functional and photorealistic. This tutorial will not only teach you how to process data and simplify it, but also how to export SketchUp models to deliver them to clients and future users.


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