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Algorithmic Trading - Trading Software

Once you open your account, you can sharpen your trading skills in our FREE futures trading simulation. Equipped with professional market data, our trading simulator will empower you to join the live futures market with confidence.

Algorithmic Trading - Trading Software

Build Alpha algorithmic trading software was created in order to help professional traders, money managers, and institutional investors create countless robust algorithmic trading strategies to meet their own risk criterion across asset classes.

This unique algo trading software allows traders and money managers the ability to create hundreds of trading algorithms with NO programming required. Furthermore, traders and money managers can stress test each and every trading strategy in mere seconds. Everything is point and click.

Bridge the gap between the programming world, the quantitative trading world, and the money manager/trader who seeks to evolve with the times. Simply said, I want to make algorithmic trading accessible for all.

Build Alpha is a genetic program that will search billions of possible entry signal combinations, price action events, exit criterion, technical indicators, and much more to form the best trading algorithms based on user selected fitness functions (Sharpe Ratio, Net Profit, etc.) and test criteria. More importantly, everything is point-and-click.

The Build Alpha algorithmic trading platform launched with *only* 1,000 technical indicators and trade functions. Now Build Alpha has more than 7,000+ market signals to choose from as I constantly add more with each new update.

Yes, absolutely. Almost half of Build Alpha traders were not doing any algorithmic trading or algorithmic trades prior to Build Alpha. Just regular human traders or manual trading with no prior algo trading experience or trades.

The license includes a written Signal Glossary and User Manual with pictures and text explanations. Additionally, there is also a private video training library that contains 50+ personal videos covering best algorithmic trading practices and full walkthrough of how to use the algorithmic trading software.

My mentor is a high frequency trading, market maker and an absolute unicorn when it comes to quantitative analysis and automated trading. My learning curve has been sped up tremendously. The videos will do the same.

First, I discuss the basics of the market, algorithmic trading and system trading. Next, I get into more advanced videos where I show quantitative trading examples, market trades, how to set expectations N trades from now, explain the validation tests, explain what a pass/fail algorithm is, best backtesting practices, and some dos and donts.

Ultimately, I conclude with portfolio construction and live strategy monitoring techniques. I show how the holy grail is not technical analysis but combining trading algorithms. My goal is for you to optimize your use of the license.

Techniques apply to all financial instruments and skill levels from new traders to institutional traders to those doing long-term investing. No black box techniques! Tons of top algorithmic trading knowledge shared in the community.

Yes, Build Alpha was designed for serious traders that want to quantify their edges but is flexible for all market participants. Build Alpha is institutional grade algorithmic trading software available to all.

Additionally, you can use advanced features like Intraday Edge that allow you to take daily strategies and see if there are intraday time windows that trade and capture the majority of the edge to reduce hold times and capital requirements. The efficiency of a trading system or trading algorithm is equally important as the underlying edge in these markets.

The number one question in automated online trading. Can you make money with algorithmic trading tools? Absolutely. The best trader of all time, Jim Simons, is an automated trader. He is fond of backtesting and designing an algorithm for markets. I had an article about him published on SeeItMarket here: -lessons-from-one-of-the-greatest-traders-of-all-time-jim-simons/

In addition, I have also partnered with TradeStation and Interactive Brokers to be able to monitor live algos and trade directly through the Build Alpha platform on both sim and live accounts. Live trading through Build Alpha is coming very soon! Important to note, I will be adding more broker connections soon! If you have suggestions please email them to me.

Build Alpha covers technical analysis, price action, volume, indicators, fundamentals, options flows, market breadth, alternative data, moving averages, vix, volatility index term structure, treasury yields and spreads, currencies, economic data, dark pool trading, seasonality, etc. If you can quantify it, then I already have. Time to start backtesting and build your trading algorithm with no coding!

Market data is included, and you have the ability to import your own data as well. Live data connections will be available shortly to monitor algorithmic trading in real-time directly from Build Alpha.

Build Alpha works on all asset classes and all financial markets. The stock market or stock trading, ETFs, mutual funds, futures, forex or currency pairs, alternative data and even cryptocurrency trading. Any timeframe, any bar type, any asset class. You can even build multi-asset algo trading strategies.

In case that is not enough, you can even import alternative and custom data via txt or csv file. I am building the most flexible algorithmic trading platform. An algorithmic trading platform to cover everything.

Validation is where the true edge lies and why Build Alpha has a large suite of advanced validation and robustness tests to stress test every strategy before a trade is made. The reason I set out to do this custom trading platform development was due to a lack of appropriate robustness tools offered to the public.

More importantly, robustness is the main emphasis of Build Alpha and my trading passion. I have spent the last decade with this as my research focus. In fact, most of the tests and methods can be read about on the features page but please start taking advantage of the blog posts and demo videos as well.

As algorithmic trading strategies, including high frequency trading (HFT) strategies, have grown more widespread in U.S. securities markets, the potential for these strategies to adversely impact market and firm stability has likewise grown.

This programme is intended for professionals working in the broader financial services industry, including investors, system traders, and quantitative analysts, as well as for technologists designing automated trading architecture, infrastructure, and solutions.

It equips you with a comprehensive understanding of the rules that drive successful algorithmic trading strategies and hedge funds, as well as a grounded introduction to financial theory and behavioural finance.

There are no standard courses on this subject in the world. The programme has been designed in collaboration with the Oxford MAN Institute for Quantitative Finance to provide a pragmatic, non-technical exploration of the world of algorithmic trading strategies, demystifying the subject.

The programme is based on the four principles established by Programme Director Nir Vulkan, to guide you through the process of evaluating an algorithmic trading model. You will benefit from the latest insights of both financial experts and behavioural specialists drawn from across the University of Oxford and the investment industry.

The algorithmic trading (also known as algo trading) market is growing at a rapid speed due to the rising demand for quick, reliable, and effective order execution. According to a J.P. Morgan survey, more than 60% of trade tickets sized over $10 million were executed in March 2020 via an algorithm. Following this trend, the global algo-trading market is expected to reach $18.8 billion by 2024.

With the help of automated trading software, it is possible to reduce the risk of human error, implement customized strategies and increase the opportunity of instant order execution. For this reason, many professional traders are looking for an experienced trading platform development company to build a platform that implements an automated trading strategy.

The development of a strategy is the most important part of a successful trading algorithm. However, as you know, a winning strategy is not something you can find on Google. Its creation requires research, mathematical thinking, and an in-depth understanding of financial markets. Each market has its own rules. So, strategies curated for a stock market can differ from the ones that may perfectly work for forex pairs.

When your trading algorithm is coded based on your strategy, it is recommended to avoid trading real money until the trading bot is tested. This means running the algorithm on historical price data. By using a number of variables, you can analyze the performance of the algorithm over thousands of trades. The results of the historical testing phase should be acceptable and result in a thorough risk assessment. If so, you are safe to proceed to test the algorithm in live conditions on a demo account.

Well yes, the creation and coding of an algorithmic trading program is a complex process. It requires the combined efforts of people who understand the financial markets, and programming experts. Once you have a rules-based strategy in place, a software development team with talented professionals who have mastered Python or C++ can successfully build your algorithmic trading bot.

Financial trading firms need continuous latency improvements to stay competitive. Most trading strategies are implemented in software on CPUs - incurring additional latency from traversing the PCIe bus.

Learn how algorithmic trading developed on AMD FPGAs provide the necessary building blocks to develop an electronic trading system that is 10x faster than traditional CPU-based trading systems without the need to know any FPGA programing. This reference design enables developers to create trading systems that break the microsecond barrier using Vitis unified software platform from AMD that only requires C/C++ programming skills. 041b061a72


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