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Buy Block Ice Machine

The 9 and 20 block ice makers are intended for lower to mid volume SnoBall shops. If you are a high volume SnoBall shop with multiple locations or if you want to have the ability to sell ice to other shops, we recommend a 40 block ice maker.

buy block ice machine

Chunks, cubes and columns of crystal-clear ice considerably improve the appearance of cocktails but blocks of ice are expensive to buy and making your own crystal-clear ice is a faff. Not anymore, Bar Innovator of the Year, Stephan Hinz has made a compact and simple to operate block ice machine that will fit any bar.

Stephan's machine has a similar footprint and height to a domestic dishwasher but doesn't require plumbing or drainage. Simply plug into a standard power socket and fill with water from a bucket. The machine makes a block of ice 480mm x 595mm x height that varies between 100mm-220mm depending on how much water you pour into the machine. Depending on the thickness, you can make a block of crystal-clear ice in 8 to 50 hours.

2. The machine must be levelled prior to using. Simply raise or lower the adjustable legs while watching a spirit level placed atop the machine. There's plenty of adjustment on the legs so accommodating even the most uneven floors.

3. Only a standard 13amp 240 volt socket is required to power the Ice-Forward machine which comes with a 230cm long flex fitted with a European plug (so UK readers will have to fit a UK plug or use an adapter).

4. Prior to filling with water the machine must be lined by placing one of the supplied Ice-Forward clear plastic bags into the machine. This retains the water and also allows easy removal for the ice block when made. If you're careful, you can reuse these bags a number of times so reducing waste. However, from experience I recommend watching for small leaks in the bag if you are reusing them. It's easy to deal with a puncture if you spot in time and it's obviously better for the environment to reuse the bags as many times as possible.

5. The Ice-Forward machine doesn't require plumbing and can simply be filled with water from a sink tap using a food-safe bucket. The level you fill the machine to will determine the height of your ice block (recommendation: approx. 15 to 22 cm).

For ease, our friendly plumber has installed a water filter supplied tap and hose next to the machine (thanks Craig). So now to fill we simply put the hose into the machine and turn on the tap until the level of water required in the machine is reached. When the machine first arrived I operated it a number of times simply filling with unfiltered water using a bucket and there is no noticeable difference in the clarity of the ice between filtered and unfiltered water.

7. Press and hold the red start button for five seconds to start the machine. The temperature display will illuminate showing the temperature in the machine. Obviously, this will start with whatever temperature your water is and then fall as the water starts to cool and then freeze. I leave the machine to work automatically buy you can manually adjust the operating temperature, in which case start at a moderate -12C, and reduce the temperature to -25 C after 4-5 hours.

9. Ice forms from the bottom and due to being so clear you can't see the ice through the water. However, if you look carefully at the stainless-steel sides of the machine you may see a faint line where the growing ice meets the water above. Lowering the pumps until they hit the ice will also allow you to gauge how ice formation is progressing. Remember to raise the pumps to a safe level above ice formation to prevent them being frozen into your block.

11. If you still have some water remaining on top of the ice then use a plastic tube to syphon this off into a bucket. The more patient you are the less water there will be but expect to have some water sitting on top of your block.

The trick here is to produce the optimal sized blocks of ice at a high rate of speed. So how does Sno-Block machines produce perfect blocks of ice so fast? Simply put, liquid heat transfer.

Because liquids transfer heat much more efficiently than air, all Sno-Block machines utilize a solution of Propylene Glycol and water to transfer heat out of the water in its block forms to produce solid block ice at a high rate of speed.

It can also be used as an ice block maker between regulars and blends. Portable ice makers are electric to portable ice makers, which are perfect for home use or users want to make their own ice block machine.

There are different types of ice makers available on the market, including electric ice makers and electric ice makers. As a portable ice block machine, it is easy to use and clean the ice blocks machine. Commercial ice block makers are available as they are easy to use and with a portable price. When it comes to portable ice makers, regular powered blasters are also called portable ice makers, and mini portable ice block machines.

We have a wide range of block ice solutions; you can choose either from a Brine or Direct System of cooling depending on your requirement. Our Brine and Direct Systems of block ice plants can also be containerized to allow for a mobile ice manufacturing process, better space planning or convenient relocation. We save you from the trouble of assembling and disassembling.

We have our standard dimensions: 5 kg 125100460, 10kg 155100750, 15 kg 185125750, 20 kg 245125750, 25 kg 315125750, 50 kg 480160750, 75 kg 4202001000, 100 kg 5002201000 (mm). You can also customize the production capacity of your block ice plant, including the dimensions of your ice blocks to fit your requirement.

Focusun is the most professional block ice machine manufacturer in China. To meet your different requirements, we utilize both direct refrigeration and brine refrigeration block ice plants whose capacity ranges from 0.5 T/D to 30 T/D. With our professional technical team, Focusun provides tailored and scientific block ice solutions. The standard weight & size of block ice Focusun produces are listed in the form. The size of the block ice can also be customized to meet your special requirement.

Block ice has a big advantage compared to other forms of ice in tropical countries. Storage, handling and transportation can be simplified if the ice is in form of large blocks. Because of its large dimension and small contact area, block ice does not melt easily. Under same conditions, block ice has the longest storage period compared to other forms of ice. It is usually used to preserve aquatic products, cool fish, reduce temperature, in ice-carving and more. Focusun offers both transparent and milky white ice according to your preferences.

Focusun offers your favorable brine refrigeration block ice machine with the daily capacity from 5 tons to 30 tons. The whole ice producing process is automated combined with Siemens PLC controller, modular design and other unique Focusun German technologies. Test results have shown that Focusun block ice machine is 1.5 times faster than ordinary brine system block ice machine.

Focusun brine refrigeration block ice machine ranging from 5 tons to 30 tons is easy to install and operate. The whole ice producing process is in automation combined with Siemens PLC controller, modular design and other unique Focusun German technologies. Our success story in quality product sales around the world is long, backed by amazing customer satisfaction and feedback; Welcome to contact us!

We are more than happy with our 30 Tons machine and cooperation with Focusun. The technical and after-sales support is superb. We hope to continue our business cooperations and will recommend Focusun for your ice cooling solutions.

Ok I was sceptical about the quality of Chinese product after some bad experience in the past. However, I cannot say the same about my block ice machine from Focusun. The product quality has exceeded my expectations. 041b061a72


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