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[S10E14] Look At The Flowers

As morning comes, Carol is still struggling to escape the debris she is trapped under, as a lone walker crawls towards the shack. Alpha taunts Carol about her impending doom, and insists that Carol always knew how this would end. Alpha gloats that no one is coming to save Carol, including Ezekiel and especially Daryl after what she did to Connie. Alpha further taunts Carol with all the people she lost, including Sophia, Lizzie, Mika, Henry, and Ezekiel, and claims that, should Carol go back, Daryl could be next. Carol denies she would ever let that happen, but Alpha says that her track record does not inspire confidence. As the walker comes closer and closer to squeezing through the planks it got stuck on, Alpha encourages Carol to "do what she knows she has to", and uses the fact that Carol chose Alpha as her inner voice as proof, since she gets the job done. As Carol continues to deny she wants to die, Alpha tells her to "look at the flowers, like you're supposed to". Just as the walker breaks through, Carol manages to free herself and kill it. Collapsing on the ground from exhaustion, Carol tells Alpha "it's never too late", which causes her hallucination to finally disappear. Meanwhile, Eugene, Yumiko, and Ezekiel arrive to the outskirts of an abandoned city.

[S10E14] Look at the Flowers

On season four, episode 14, Carol and Tyrese are horrified to learn Lizzie killed her own sister Mika under the belief she would reanimate as a member of the dead and still be herself. When the two learn she's about to do the same with then-baby Judith, Carol makes the tough decision to march Lizzie out into a field, tell her to "look at the flowers," and kill her.

She's a bubbly, high-spirited character who's quite the chatterbox. On the TV series, it looks like she may have an interesting sense of humor as it's alluded that she left the walkers chained up in humorous situations around the city.

He shambles his way through the undead and they turn and follow. When we see him from the front, his mask has changed. Half of it is now white like a skull or, dare I say it, a half moon. He limps forward looking truly terrifying and his new army of darkness shambles behind him.

Overall, I found Moons of Madness to be terrifyingly enjoyable to play. The story was intriguing and contained many of the Lovecraftian elements I love the most including the two otherworldly beings. The different mechanics and puzzles were engaging. They kept me playing to learn more and see what the team was able to come up with next. However, the lack of direction was a bit annoying. But it gave me time to experience the game longer and enjoy the story they created. This game is perfect for anyone looking for a cosmic horror story and fans of Lovecraft inspired games. 041b061a72


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